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    Product List
    Vacuum contactor
    Outdoor VCB
    Indoor VCB
    Vacuum load switch
    SF6 circuit breaker
    Disconnect switch,earth switch
    Mining VCB
    Vacuum interrupter
    Operation mechanism, accessories, vacuum coil
    Low Voltage Distribution
    Voltage stabilizer
    Cable accessories
    Pneumatic component
    armour clamp
    electric meter box
    High voltage measuring box
    Home-Why VACEM-Quality Control
    3600kV-360kJ impulse test transformer   high standard cleaning shop   processing workshop in the company   robot spraying pipeline
    supervoltage switch test hall of approximately 3000 square metres   Japan FMS sheet-metal flexible production line   Three-coordinate Measuring Machine   UHV transformer test hall
    UHV transformator test hall            
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